Student Loan Default Management

i3 Group is a leading provider of student loan default management services. Our student-centric approach allows us to improve outcomes for your students and your institution. We accomplish this by holding to a few core principles:


We Are Proactive

There is nothing more likely to cause a student to default than their own lack of knowledge about the student loan lifecycle. That is why we don't wait for default, or even delinquency. In partnership with iontuition™, we engage students as early as entrance counseling, before they have even received their first disbursal, to make sure that they always know what is going on with loans. i3 Counselors inform students of their current status, help them plan for the future, make sure they know about all the repayment options available, and encourage students to choose a plan that will steadily decrease principal and get them out of debt as soon as possible.


We Are Student-Centric

The best way to lower CDR rates is to work with students one on one. We ensure repayment options available to each student are brought to their attention in a timely fashion and through all available communication channels. Working with fully-blended inbound/outbound call centers, email, text/SMS, and direct mail campaigns (not to mention iontuition's interactive Web tools), i3 uses all available means to engage students.


The iontuition student loan management portal brings all the most important tools together in one place so that anybody with a web browser, smartphone, or tablet will be able to find up-to-the-minute information on their current balance and upcoming developments. It also allows students to passively monitor their loans for changes using a customizable set of alerts and notifications tied to email, text messages, and mobile app push notifications.


We make sure that students can contact us if they have problems, concerns, or simply need advice on how to proceed. Inbound lines of communication are always open.


We Are Data-Driven

Our in-house case management software draws information from our client schools, the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS), Title IV Additional Servicers (TIVAS) and other sources to provide data analysis and reporting that is second to none.