Using best-in-class technology and procedures, we provide our clients with a set of services and tools that empower both schools and students.


To date, we have managed to reduce Cohort Default Rates (CDRs) and improve student outcomes for 100% of our clients. Regardless of whether a school is public or private, large or small, we can work to provide a custom solution that provides the best possible value on any budget.


When a default occurs, nobody is better off. The negative effects are felt by the government, the school and, most of all, the student. Nobody is better off waiting until the worst happens, and there is almost always an alternative. We do our best to make those alternatives work.

i3 Group provides default aversion and delinquency prevention services that have touched over 2.7 million students since our inception in 2009.

Cohort Repayment Services

Counseling Through the Entire Loan Lifecycle


Annual accreditation requirement

  • 41 agencies require graduate employment data

State regulatory requirement

  • California, Tennessee, and Washington

  • Additional states are discussing adding graduate employment data as a requirement

Institutional research

  • Gain knowledge on your graduates working in "field of study"

  • Program integrity

High satisfaction

  • 96% satisfaction rating among contacted students

  • Average survey time is 5 minutes

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